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Titus 1:1-4

Titus 1;1-4

A plaque in a small country church once read:

This is my church. It is composed of people just like me. It will be friendly if I am. It will do a great work if I do it. It will be generous and loving and loyal only if I am all of those things. Therefore, with God’s help, I dedicate myself to the task of being all the things I want my church to be.

Whoever said that got it exactly right: the church is our church. It is what we as Christians make it to be, but it is also the Lord’s church. It is the only institution that He promised to build, and it is the one thing He gave His Son for. Jesus died to save the church. He died to preserve a people for Himself, and the Book of Titus tells us what the church is to look like. It tells us how the Lord wanted His church to be set up, and Titus 1 deals primarily with the issue of leadership.

Titus 1:5 says, “For this reason I left you in Crete, that you would set in order what remains and appoint elders in every city as I directed you.” Then Paul reminds Titus of what he directed him to do by walking him through the qualifications of an elder. He takes him meticulously through the character requirements for that office. Even before this, in verses 1-4, Paul tells him what his own leadership looked like. At the start of this Book, Paul gives Titus his own qualifications, which is what we are going to look at this Sunday.

Have you ever wondered what a leader looks like in the Bible? Have you ever wondered what kind of men are qualified to lead the church? Join us this week as we talk about that at Grace Fellowship Church. Join us as we talk about the issue of leadership. Do you understand that this is Christ’s church and He is deeply concerned with it? Do you understand that this is your church as well, and you need to concerned with it too? You need to be aware of what is going on. You need to be informed especially on the issue of leadership. You need to know what to look for in a leader as this is something that impacts us all. So please join us as we talk about that. We meet on Sunday morning at 9:30 at 46024 Riverside Drive in Chilliwack. Bring your Bibles and a heart that wants to learn more about the church. I look forward to seeing you there! – Jeremy Cagle