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New Series on Titus

How to Plant a Church Series

It has been said that the number of churches that close each year is three times that of the number that open. According to a Radio Canada International study, some denominations in Canada have lost half of their adherents in the last 50 years and, in certain provinces like Quebec, 400 church buildings have been sold. This is not to sound depressed but merely to say that it is a rare thing to find a church that lasts. It is unusual to find a congregation that stands the test of time.

Yet I believe the Lord has given us the ingredients to have that here at Grace Fellowship Church. After spending the last two years with you, I believe the Lord has given us the people and the convictions to last and, to help us with that, we are going to being a new series this Sunday on the Book of Titus.

Titus 1:5 says that, “For this reason I left you in Crete, that you would set in order what remains and appoint elders in every city as I directed you.” The root word for “set in order” in Greek is orthos, which means “to straighten things out.” It is where we get our English word “orthodontist.” An orthodontist is one who straightens teeth. Paul wanted Titus to make sure everything was straight, or in line, in the Cretan churches. He wanted him to make sure that they were able to last.

This is why the Book of Titus covers so many subjects that are vital to a healthy church. It talks about the role of a pastor, the qualifications of elders, the relationship between young and old, men and women, and the church and the government. It tells us how we are to live in light of our salvation and how to deal with difficult people. It tells us how to be peacemakers in the midst of conflict and much, much more.

All of that to say, this series will be a wonderful start to our New Year. We will introduce it this Sunday, and it will be called the “How to Plant a Church” series. This is not because our church is not already planted but because that is the theme of this book. The churches in Crete had already started but there was much more for them to do. Titus had a lot of straightening work cut out for him. He had to continue to set things in order and so do we. The Lord has given us a wonderful two years together but we want to build on them so that we can have many more. Let’s pray that the Lord will use this series to that purpose and that it will give Him much glory. - Jeremy Cagle